Dr. Joon Sang Baek




Dr. Joon Sang Baek is an assistant professor at the School of Design and Engineering at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). He is the director of DESIS lab at UNIST, which is a member of the DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Technology) International Network. He is also the head of the Service and UX Design research group. His research areas include design for social innovation and sustainability, transformation design, and product-service system design. His current research focuses on developing sustainable product-service systems for food, energy, and aging sectors.

ㆍ  2011 Ph.D. in Industrial Design, Politecnico di Milano, Milan
ㆍ  2003 MSc in Industrial Design, KAIST, Daejon
ㆍ  2001 BSc in Industrial Design, KAIST, Daejon

ㆍ  2018~ Associate Professor, College of Human Ecology, Yonsei University
ㆍ  2011~ 2018 Assistant professor, School of Design and Human Engineering, UNIST

ㆍ  2011~2011 Visiting researcher, Community Business Center, Hope Institute
ㆍ  2009~2011 Visiting researcher, Center for Appropriate Technology, Vienna University of Technology
ㆍ  2008~2011 PhD-position, Design and Innovation for Sustainability, Department of Industrial Design, Politecnico di Milano
ㆍ  2003~2008 UX designer, Samsung Mobile


Research topics

Design for social innovation and sustainability, product-service systems (PSS), socio-technical systems, design for service, nature-inspired design, design for resilience, social networks studies



<Peer-reviewed published/accepted journal papers>

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<Peer-reviewed published/accepted conference proceeding papers and posters>

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<Invited book chapters>

ㆍ  Kim, S., Pahk, Y., Baek, J. S.** (2015) Senior club in the district of Jung-gu, Ulsan. In Y. Lee & P. Moore (Eds.), Ageing, ingenuity & design (pp.154-161). ISBN: 978-988-12325-6-4. Hong Kong, China: DESIS Network.

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 <Mass media and others>

ㆍ  Baek, J. S. (2017, 11. 2) Human-centred design for industrial safety. Ulsan Broadcasting Company.

ㆍ  Baek, J. S. (2014–present) Kyung Sang Newspaper Columnist.

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